1. 10 prints of the mark ( 7 x 7 cm)

2. Power of Attorney (not need to be notarized, may be filed within two months after filing)

3. Application Letter

i) Name, Nationality, Address, Telephone and Fax Number of the Applicant

ii) List of services or products goods according to the International Classification

4. Original or notarized copy of the Priority Document, approved by Industrial Property

Office ( may be filed within three months after filing)

5. List of Countries that the mark registered


1. Notarized Assignment (License) Agreement that includes the name, number and date of trademark and also name and address of assigner (licensor) and assignee (licensee)

3. A copy of the Trademark Certificate

4. Signature Circulars (shows that signers of the agreement are able to sign on behalf of assigner (licensor) and assignee (licensee) firms)

5. Power of Attorney